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Who We Are

Creative Portfolios, LLC is an independent  investment manager registered with the State of Maryland.

We are a niche investment firm working with a selected like minded client base.

What We Do

We specialize in creating separately managed investment portfolios based on 

our proprietary investment strategy we call, 

Business Sense Investing®

We strive to provide a conflict free investment counsel that is above average in both transparency and performance.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to protect and grow our client's irreplaceable savings with the integrity to maintain a fiduciary relationship and the intelligence to produce above average returns.




Business Sense Investing®

​Business Sense Investing® is a market cap agnostic, global & concentrated equity only strategy, comprised of around 20 well-chosen positions, selected for their Predictable Earnings Growth.

It uses a proprietary filter system of

qualitative and quantitative analysis, seeking those rare and irreplaceable investment opportunities in a given market condition that are worthy of our client's irreplaceable savings.

Business Sense Investing® focusses on capital appreciation while being cognizant of the tax impact on a portfolio and gravitates less on income generating strategies. In our opinion it is best suited for clients who are comfortable owning a concentrated portfolio of quality individual stocks and desire a better than average investment return.

Business Sense Investing® can be broadly explained via the following framework - 


Stock as a Business

(Left Brain Thinking)

Business Sense Investing® starts with the fact that owning a stock means being a part owner in a real business.


Now, being a silent owner it is imperative for us to participate only in those superior business opportunities that demonstrate a consistent business model with predictable earnings growth and where the management is aligned and focussed to compound the earnings for a long period of time.

In our experience not all businesses demonstrate a healthy return on investment due to inherent industry constraints like over competition, commodity product or service and/or capital intensive business structure. Hence, our proprietary filter system of qualitative and quantitative analysis is designed to search and select those few superior businesses that can rise above the general constraints of capitalism to generate excess returns on capital.

Business as a Stock

(Right Brain Thinking)

Business Sense Investing® also acknowledges the fact that returns for an investor in a publicly listed business is dependent on the business's stock price.

Our investment in a stock is profitable only when the stock is appreciating in price and a stock appreciates in price only when the market believes it is more valuable. As a stock investor, we want the market to pay up for the quality and growth of our stocks.

In our experience it is imperative for us to stay with any stock only as long as it is on its growth trajectory. As a stock investor we have the advantage of liquidity and we can make use of it by staying nimble and getting out of the stock if the revenue and earning growth starts to slow down considerably, the fundamental outlook of the business starts to differ from our original thesis and/or the technical indicators of the stock starts to deteriorate.





At Creative Portfolios, we consider our clients as partners and as any successful partnership is based on reciprocity, we offer our clients transparency and performance and in return expect trust and autonomy.

We manage investment portfolios for clients in separately managed accounts. The account is owned by the client and held at a third party custodian - Interactive Brokers  but we keep full discretionary authority to invest the funds as per our Business Sense Investing® strategy.

We meet with our clients in person or via a video conference annually at the beginning of the year to go over the prior year's portfolio performance. Clients can access their accounts online. Interactive Brokers sends trade confirmation via email and account statements via mail. The invoice is sent quarterly via mail.

We charge a quarterly fee of 0.25% (1% annually). The fee is charged in arrears at the end of each quarter.

Minimum capital required to establish an account for Business Sense Investing® is $500,000. We reserve the right to change the minimum required capital.



Process Oriented

If the holy grail of real estate investing is location location location, then by the same token we believe that process process process does the same for investing in stocks. We believe in spending majority of our resources in constantly learning, improving and fine-tuning the process of making an investment because as investors we can only control what & when to invest. Hence, our process is geared towards finding and investing in the few, high quality investments available in a given market condition.

Performance Focussed

We believe that the soundness of any investment process can only be measured by the above average investment performance produced. We keep ourselves focussed on making sound investment decisions for our client's portfolios that can over a period of time, add significant value and leave a meaningful positive impact on their net worth.

Aligned Incentives

We don't sell and/or promote any investment product or service that we won't buy ourselves. We don't accept any commissions or kickbacks from any third party. Our fee structure aligns us with our client's interests. Our only incentive is to protect and grow our client's entrusted savings more than what they can achieve by investing in a S&P 500 index fund.


Our People

Verun Gulati

(Portfolio Manager)

Verun is a full time equity investor and brings with him 18 years of  experience in various business operations, out of which the last 10 have also been spent on equity research and analysis. After experiencing and studying the good, bad and the gruesome of the financial markets, Verun developed an investment strategy called Business Sense Investing® that strives to produce above average returns.

Coming from a family of physicians, Verun has seen first hand how busy families lack the time and the interest needed to gain deep knowledge of the financial world in order to make the right investment decisions for their irreplaceable savings.


At Creative Portfolios, Verun manages client's investments with the same intelligence, integrity and energy that he applies towards his family's investments


Verun believes that one cannot help but get better if one picks lifelong interests and pursues them daily with focus and curiosity. Other than family, Verun has three lifelong interests - Stocks, Tennis & Zazen.

Jelena Jurkova

(Office Manager)

Jelena is as efficient as she is kind. She makes sure the office is always running smoothly. Jelena helps Verun to organize the research material, arrange client meetings and attend to client communication.

When Jelena is not in the office, her 2 grandchildren make sure she is always on her toes!

Olga Bognat

(Office Administrator)

Olga is the most hard working person in the office.  She is responsible for the day to day administrative tasks and is known for finishing the daily task list before time. Olga is also responsible for not letting the office run out of coffee!

When Olga is not in the office, she practices yoga and spends quality time with her family.


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